Services offered

Strategic planning:
As a strategic planning facilitator, Amanda facilitates strategic planning workshops and prepares  Strategic Plans and Annual Performance Plans for public entities and government departments, in accordance with Treasury guidelines. Amanda has extensive experience in helping people, either within an organisation or in multi-stakeholder processes, to work together to define clear goals and prioritise practical ways to achieve them. Strategic planning facilitator
Workshop facilitation:
Amanda facilitates workshops with a wide range of people and organisations, government agencies and NGOs, in both urban and rural contexts. She is skilled in ensuring that everyone has a say, helping to mediate and resolve differences and to reach meaningful agreements.Workshop facilitator
Project and programme planning:
Working with organisations to clarify needs and priorities, Amanda helps to frame proposals for projects and programmes and define action plans with clear timeframes and results. She has extensive experience in project management, procurement, stakeholder participation and communication.
Training and mentoring:
Amanda provides training and mentoring in workshop facilitation, leadership development, presentation skills, project planning and project management. Clients include NGOs, local and provincial government and community-based organisations. In addition, from time to time Amanda takes on office administration interns, giving them practical experience in office administration.
Monitoring and evaluation:
Amanda uses her wide project planning and management experience in evaluating project performance and outcomes. She facilitates participatory lessons learnt workshops and conducts due diligence assessments for donors. In addition, she uses her monitoring and evaluation skills in formulating goals, objectives, indicators and targets for strategic plans and action plans.